GAMI – Gamepad Musical Instrument

Sorry for the delay in posts. I went to Kolkata for the awesome Durga Puja and also went to a coastal resort village there which is really awesome , but the bad news is that a day was cut off from our vacation due to the bad weather, namely Cyclone Phailin, which was actually very severe. We were very far away from the eye of the storm, so were out of danger. I have a few videos, I think I’ll edit and post it here sometime in the future. Continue reading

So I got a new gamepad. Now what?

I’ve always loved playing computer games. But I’ve never been a fan of gamepads. This is largely because I love FPS games and keyboard/mouse combo provides a control in those sorts of games (just my opinion). Of course, I love gamepads and their force feedbacks while playing a racing game. But frankly, I would prefer the old school keyboard/mouse combo over gamepads. Continue reading

A week with Qt

I came across Qt a few months back when I was looking for a UI framework for a card game that I was making in Python. PyQt seemed fine, but because I didn’t have enough time to learn a new toolkit, I stuck with TkInter, the default UI framework that comes bundled in with Python. Stupid me. Continue reading