GAMI – Gamepad Musical Instrument

Sorry for the delay in posts. I went to Kolkata for the awesome Durga Puja and also went to a coastal resort village there which is really awesome , but the bad news is that a day was cut off from our vacation due to the bad weather, namely Cyclone Phailin, which was actually very severe. We were very far away from the eye of the storm, so were out of danger. I have a few videos, I think I’ll edit and post it here sometime in the future.

I said in my last post that I bought a new gamepad. So I was doing a little tinkering and to test out if the gamepad worked with PyGame in Python, I’ve kind of built a simple musical instrument with it.

The source code is posted here. Python and PyGame are prerequisites to run it.

The usage is shown in the picture below :

Gamepad Control

Gamepad Control

       A : C/C#

       B : D/D#

       C : E

       D : F/F#

       1 : G/G#

       2 : A/A#

       3 : B

       4 : A/A#

       5 : Play Sharp Notes

       6 : Change Instrument