So I got a new gamepad. Now what?

I’ve always loved playing computer games. But I’ve never been a fan of gamepads. This is largely because I love FPS games and keyboard/mouse combo provides a control in those sorts of games (just my opinion). Of course, I love gamepads and their force feedbacks while playing a racing game. But frankly, I would prefer the old school keyboard/mouse combo over gamepads.

But recently, since I’ve been doing lots of robotics and stuffs, I thought it’d be nice to have a gamepad as a controller of some sorts. I’ve seen the Aurora 9 recently and been lusting over it, but due to financial constraints I won’t be purchasing one this year. In the mean-time, I decided to settle for the Quantum Game Pad QHM7468-2V, which is about 30x cheaper.

But this saving in price comes with costs in (lack of) features. First, it doesn’t have any communication capability (apart from USB, that is) and also no display. So I have to add these features, somehow, by setting up a mod. Of course, the first step would be to create a program that can read values from the gamepad. Once again, Captain Python to the rescue.

Using Python and PyGame, it was really a breeze to read the data from the game pad. The source code is available here.